Introduction to Sports Analytics

  • This training program is designed for beginners in sports analytics.

  • The event is free and open for Data Science Club members. (Undergrad, graduate and doctorate students)

  • After 4-week classes given, participants can start their own projects under the guidance of a mentor. 

Course Overview


  The Data Science Club presents Introduction to Sports Analytics. This is a 4-week long training program and it is scheduled every Saturday 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm from  September 21st at JSOM 2.801. Read through for more details -

Week 1: Brief Overview (09/21)   

  • What is Sports Analytics?

  • Areas of Sports Analytics – Fan Engagement, Ticket Sale, Fan Engagement, Cricket, Football, Baseball Analytics

  • Career in Sports Analytics: Expectations

  • Conferences, Groups to follow in Sports in Analytics i.e CMU and Sandford Sports Analytics

  • Companies who are working in Sports Analytics

  • Discuss Requirement from the class: Project

Week 2: Case Studies (09/28)

  • 3D Athlete Tracking for Tokyo 2020 Olympics

  • Using AI to Power the Driving Experience

Explain the concepts behind these technologies. Discuss the papers or the idea behind these new projects


Week 3: Case Studies : Start up in Sports (10/12)

  • Spektacom “Power Bat"


  • Homecourt: Basketball


Week 4: Projects of the class (10/19)

Discussion and guidance among the group for the project done by individual students



MSBA Fall '18

Youtube Video: 3D Athlete Tracking for Tokyo 2020 Olympics