The Ultimate Data Science Challenge

7 teams out of 120+ teams made it to Round 2 of the Ultimate Data Science Challenge. We applaud the teams who made it to this round! The teams who made it to Round 2 presented their solutions to the problem statement to a panel of judges which comprised professionals from Lennox International and professors from the Business Analytics Department at UTD. Three teams were selected for the top 3 positions. 1st Position: Team Data Wranglers: Vithika Agrawal, Jainik Patel, Tony John, and Nithin Nair 2nd Position: Team Fortune Tellers: Mehak Beri, Dheeptha Badrinarayan, and Lucia del Pilar Botiquin Ortiz 3rd Position: Team Random: Hung Yu-Yang, Lin Yi-Yang, and Sun Weiyang We would like to thank Jake Bratton, Bill Trotter and Janath Manohararaj from Lennox International for supporting us in this endeavor, for providing us with the dataset and the problem statement and for taking time off their busy schedules to come and judge the competition. We also like to thank Bill Hefley, Ph.D., COP and Dr. Sourav Chatterjee from the Business Analytics Department at UTD for helping us to coordinate this competition with Lennox, for offering us their constant support, and for coming to judge the competition for us. #dscutdallas #datascience #ultimatedatasciencechallenge

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