Member Connect done right ! #5.0 #DataScienceClub #UTDallas

Updated: Sep 21, 2019

The #MemberConnect takes place at the beginning of every semester, which is an important meeting for recruiting volunteers.

We had over 50 registered DSC members from JSOM and Erik Jonsson gathered together on September 13th, to have a discussion with DSC VPs and Officers about the Data Science Club’s upcoming events and roles of different teams.

Key Highlights of the Member Connect 5.0-

  1. During the 2-hour meeting, Club VPs introduced themselves as well as their roles and responsibilities to the members, followed by a networking session which gave an opportunity to new members to learn more about different departments and understand how club works.

  2. The enthusiasm of new members was really amazing, they asked lots of questions about different departments of the club displayed their genuine interest to become an integral part of the Data Science Club body.

  3. It’s very exciting to see that our team is growing bigger and stronger! Let’s stay focused and turn our Passions into Actions!

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