DSC Hackathon 2017

The First Ever Hackathon of Data Science Club

The club’s first ever Hackathon was held on the 28th of October 2017. Hackathon ’17 was held in collaboration with Colaberry Inc. and the event was hosted on their refractored.ai platform. Road to the mega event was split into 2 stages.

On 21st October 2017, we held a Kick Off event. Members of the club and aspiring participants were briefed about the rules & regulations of the event. Colaberry’s Chief Data Scientist Harish Krishnamurthy & Murali Mallina conducting a workshop on Python & Machine Learning for the participants. The tools used for the workshop were Jupyter Notebooks & refactored.ai platform. Many Machine Learning techniques and unsupervised learning used cases were covered as part of the kick off event.

The stage was set for the event of the semester. With 18 teams consisting of an overall participation of 57 students, this 6-hour event went down as the flagship event in the history of Data Science club. The event kicked off by releasing the problem statement provided by Colaberry’s Learning team. Students didn’t waste any time and dived deep into analysis of data right way. We made sure the energy level of participants didn’t die down by providing an uninterrupted supply of snacks and beverages. Naveen Jindal School of Management’s Program Director for Business Analytics, Mr. Kashif Saeed, Founder and CEO of Colaberry Inc, Mr. Ram Dhan Yadav Katamaraj were among the elite few who had a glimpse of the event.


With Hackathon wrapped up, Colaberry’s panel of judges consisting of Sathwik Mohan, Brinda Krishnaswamy lead by Harish Krishanmurthy evaluated the work of all the teams who had uploaded their work on a public repository on Git as instructed. The judging criteria included adhering to the rules & format of the event, data exploration, presenting their insights to name a few. Judges decided to have 3 winning positions and 2 runners’ up.

The award ceremony followed by a networking mixer was organized on the 2nd November 2017. Mr. Kashif Saeed attended the event along with Tommy Haugh & David Freni from Colaberry’s recruiting team. The winners of the Hackathon were Team Pythonians, Team DataFreaks & Team MeanSquare. Runners’ up included Team DataArtists & Team Data_Diggers.

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