A Practical Guide to Begin Machine Learning in Python

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MSBA Fall '18

  • This training program is designed for total beginners who are worrying too much of how to study business analytics in their first semester at UT Dallas. 

  • Prefer students who haven't had any prior experience in Python and machine learning. 

  • The event is free and open for Data Science Club members. (Undergrad, graduate and doctorate students)

  • The course will be about sharing personal experiences and general learning paths with the following Q&A session.

Course Overview


  The Data Science Club presents A Practical Guide to Begin Machine Learning in Python. This is a 1-week training program and is scheduled on September 14th, Saturday, 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm at JSOM 2.801. Read through for more details -

So many questions in you...   

  • "Should I learn Python? Should I learn R? Is Stat that important?"

  • "Should I enroll in any online courses like Udemy, Coursera, Datacamp?"

  • "There are so many tracks, what should I choose?"

  • "There are so many books out there. What book should I read first?"

  • "What I should do if want to become a data scientist, data analytics, data engineer?"

  • "How to find an internship position? From when should I be looking for?"

  • and 1000 more! But nobody tells me :/

Stop worrying too much! I will recommend you 

  • Videos/Books you really need now to improve your programming skills

  • BA courses you should consider to take

  • Practical Projects you can start right now from Kaggle

  • Practical Projects you can start right now from Kaggle

  • the fastest ways to get ready for an internship


One year ago, I know nothing about Python and machine learning...

I have never learned any programming language and never worked in any firms.

I worried a lot, a lot and a lot. Every day and night.

At school, I was intimidated by classmates who have already experienced so many things. 

At home, I was overwhelmed by the fact that there are tons of things I have to learn. 

No one told me how and where total beginner like me should begin.

I didn't want to give up. I tried everything I could.

I enrolled in 10+ online courses, bought and read 10+ books.

I followed any suggestions if it sounds right. 

I have spent money, time and efforts. 

Through a series of trial-and-error, here I am standing as a beginner, not a total beginner, fortunately.  


What I want to share with you are my personal experiences.  

I am not saying you should follow my steps.

I am saying you should not follow my steps because I want you to save your money, time and efforts from worrying too much.

Everyone is welcome but total beginners like me will be more welcome. 

I am looking forward to seeing you there.