Hey Budding Data Scientists,

   As part of the Data Science Club’s persistent and industrious efforts to expand your horizons in the field of Data Science, 

we are excited to announce our flagship event of the year.



   The Data Science Club in association with Lennox International and The Business Analytics Program at the Jindal School of Management present - The Ultimate Data Science Challenge. This is a 3-week long competition and it is scheduled to begin in March 2019. Read through for more details -


Key Highlights of the Event

  1. This year’s problem statement will be a real-world business case provided by Lennox International.

  2. The event is free and open for all students. (Undergrad, graduate and doctorate students)

  3. Prizes worth $3,500 are up for grabs.

  4. A team should consist of 3 – 5 students.

  5. There are no restrictions on the software and programming language used.


Event Timeline

March 14th - Kick off Know the Problem Statement:

    This would be a six-hour long event from 10:00 AM through 4:00 PM at Davidson Auditorium (JSOM 1.118). Professionals from Lennox International will be presenting and explaining the problem statement during the first 90 minutes of the event. You will be given access to the data set. The next 2 hours would be allocated to understand the data  and the problem statement in a controlled environment. After understanding the data you will have the opportunity to ask your questions in the third part of the event


  Tentative Schedule for March 14th:

     10:00 AM - 12:00 PM     |     Introduction to Problem Statement

     12:00 PM - 02:30 PM     |     Explore and Analyze Data Set

     02:30 PM - 04:00 PM    |     Question and Answer Session


  Note: i)    Food and refreshments will be served outside the auditorium and can be grabbed from 12:00 PM onwards.

            ii)  All teams who have not signed the NDA are requested to report at 9:00 AM at the venue.



March 26th – Submission Deadline:

   All the registered teams are requested to drop their submission which would ideally be a bundle of files containing the Code, a presentation file and other supporting documents such as a Readme.txt before 11:59:59 PM on the 26th of March. The final details of where to make your submission will be communicated . Any submissions after this deadline will be marked as late and will not be considered for further evaluation.



March 30th – Finalists Announcement:

    The solutions of each team will be scrutinized and top 5-10 teams meeting the expectations will be shortlisted and announced as the finalists. The teams will be receiving personalized feedback from Lennox international to improve their solutions.



April 5th – Final round Presentation:

    All the finalists will be allowed to present their work in front of a panel of judges consisting of UTD professors and Lennox professionals. Prizes will be announced on this day and that will mark the end of the competition.




Register your teams!

    We implore you all to register as this will be a great opportunity not just for people who are looking to win but also for people who want to learn and want a good project under their belt. We hope to see you at the Kick-off event and interacting with you.

Please register only once for a team.  Go Register

Have questions? Our officers  are more than happy to answer them Email Us@ dscutdallas@gmail.com